Interview with Olga Esaulova

image 27 01 16 01 12ICIE. Olga! It is almost a year year since your assumption of the presidency committee on agriculture. How do you assess the relevance of this structure to members and partners of the Congress?

The Committee has become a real tool for promoting business in the sphere of agriculture of the States represented in ICIE that is often in need for additional financing, as well as a professional advice. To be honest, I did not expect such activity on the part of the companies concerned, greater amount of farms, agricultural holdings and private entrepreneurs are interested in cooperation with foreign partners of ICIE, in the sphere of exchanging experience and technologies, and in attracting foreign investors.

The interview of RSPP Executive Vice President A. Murychev

The interview of RSPP Executive Vice President A. Murychev

- Mr. Murychev, You are a regular member of the Council of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and attend all its events. Could You please share your thoughts concerning the international conference held in Almaty in March, 2013? The conference features are nearly akin to Your specialization as during the conference issues on investments as well as finance and banking activity of industrialists and entrepreneurs were discussed.

Kuao Bridge: “ICIE events have an international coverage”

The Head of the Foreign Department for Resource Planning of the Chinese Council of Association for Assistance in Technology Internationalization.

I think, that ICIE meeting has an international coverage, it is systematic and quite efficient.

Janez Podobnik, President Association of Ind. and Ent. of Slovenia, ICPE Acting Director General

The meeting of the ICIE Congress in Almaty, was to my opinion very well organized and successful and can be a good prospect for the future, particularly because of the following three reasons:

- firstly, the meeting of the ICIE Presidium was combined with the international conference on the subject of financial issues in the Eurasian area;

Vasile Tarlev, President of the National Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Moldova

It’s not the first time I take part in the activities of the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs both as President of National Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Moldova and as ICIE Presidium member. On my behalf and on behalf of our Moldavian entrepreneurs I want to assure that we all highly value our common organization, mutual understanding, friendship, favourable attitude and of course concurrence in the views concerning  development in economic, banking, finance sectors and if it’s necessary even in the political sphere in order to maintain stability and to cut different crises.


Georgy Egorov, ICIE Vice President, Director General of JSC “Ecos”

The current diversified activity led by the Congress answers the purposes and demands of this date. I presume that certain consensus of friendly relations among ICIE member states does exist. Moreover, national unions with the keen interest in fulfilling their tasks in the near future join the Congress now being well aware of its possibilities.


Anatoly Kazakov, Chairman of Coordinating Council of CIS Finance and Banking Council

I highly appreciate the ICIE event, which was held in Almaty, where CIS was established in 1991, and that is especially symbolic.
I consider the topic of industrial enterprises’ work as really an urgent one, especially in terms of interstate projects realization- this question was discussed quite a lot. This is one of the most essential ICIE subjects, and this work must be intensified. Today Customs Union is consolidating; The results of its first year of work show that the commodity circulation grew on 33%. The Common economic space is being created, and in perspective, there will be an appearance in the Eurasian Economic Council in 2015.

Gennady Chemerko, Deputy Chairman of Republican Association of Industrial Enterprises “BelAPP”

It is the first time that I am taking part in the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs events and I would like to thank the organizers for such a wonderful meeting, where the actual questions of collaboration between business and financial organizations were discussed. We got to know the situation and issues in the economy of our partners on the Eurasian economic space- Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as other countries, which representatives participated in the Presidium Session and the conference.I think that such scale events should be held and it is a good field for experience exchange. 

Tiit Vähi, Member of the Board of Estonian Business Association

I really enjoyed the meeting, which was held by the Congress in the Republic of Kazakhstan- it was a pleasure to meet friends, colleagues and like-minded people.
I would like to thank Kadyr Baikenov for the excellent organization of the Presidium Session of ICIE Council and conference. Such events draw us together even more than official meetings.