The Interview of K. Baikenov

Interviews with the heads of ICIE in anticipation of meeting of the Presidium of the Congress and the international conference (27-29 March 2013, Almaty).

- Mr. Baikenov, in October 2012 you have been elected as Chairman of the Council of International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. How would you describe your role in the ICIE Management, what perspective plans have you outlined?

Our Congress, which was established more than 20 years ago, cooperates business circles from 26 states in the sphere of economic collaboration, support and development of industry, entrepreneurship sector, market relations establishment.

Today ICIE- is an authoritative organization, it’s work is seeking to enlarge cooperation and integration processes on the Eurasian space, to consolidate public organizations of industrialists and entrepreneurs from various countries for establishment of stable and mutually profitable economic relations, to combine efforts of industrial and entrepreneurship circles for expansion of  mutually beneficial  collaboration.

The work of the ICIE is versatile, and the work directions of Committees, organizations and the active group of Congress prove that. ICIE participation in various interstate and international organizations demonstrates that this is an organization, capable of efficient contributing to integration processes realization. 

In October 2012, during the regular session of ICIE Council in Kaliningrad I was elected as the third in succession Chairman of the ICIE Council. The first Chairman of the Council was Anatoly Kinakh, the President of Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Alexander Shokhin, the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, was the second one. Both of them are widely known in their countries as well as in the international business community, and did a lot to raise the effectiveness of ICIE work.

For my part, likewise the previous Chairmen of the Council, I will try my best to make the ICIE work more efficient, especially in the direction of economic integration development. I would like to contribute to useful work of Congress and comprehensive consolidation of it’s authority.

- Why the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty in particular, was chosen as a place for a regular session of the ICIE Presidium?

Lately the Republic of Kazakhstan fairly took place of one of the leaders in economic development. It’s economic growth perspectives are promising. I may say with confidence, that during the last 10 years the dynamics of economic rates of the Republic of Kazakhstan was better than in many other CIS countries, including Russia and Ukraine.

The choice of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the holding of session of ICIE Presidium is not random at all and I see some sort of continuity here. It was 1993, in Almaty that President Nursultan Nazarbayev took part in special ICIE Assembly and gave a keynote speech. He noticed that the Congress “is one of the few real functional organizations which objectively aims at integration of national economies”. Those suggestions on necessity of in-depth Eurasian integration that were enounced by Kazakh leader  have been successfully developed by ICIE for long time and literally have become the core of its work.

I as a representative of Kazakhstan business circles consider this to be very important, besides our country in the person of Mr. Nazarbayev has been a pioneer of conducting integration processes in the Eurasian space and we have to support large-scale uniting programs with real measures.

Kazakh organizations of industrialists and employers (entrepreneurs) represented by “Atamaken” Union National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan and Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Kazakhstan are the active ICIE members. Being the member of the Congress we have gained a lot and sufficiently enlarged our contacts with business representatives from other states that let us more effectively realize our constant activity.

I’m sure that collective work of all the Presidium session participants will turn out to be effective and that during this event we’ll elaborate and present all necessary documents for further application both for national ICIE unions and business structures. Reference modeling of different branches of activities is one of the targets of Congress Council and not coincidentally this being one of the issues of the session.

Mr. Baikenov, what is your opinion on future VI Astana Economic Forum that is to be held on May 22-24, 2013 in the geographic center of Eurasian continent – in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan? Is there any relation with ICIE?

Astana has already been an initiator for carrying international economic forums. Moreover, the forum was added in 2013 to the agenda of Russian Federation presidency in the G20. Then the forum is a partner in working up the recommendations concerning problems of global development and fostering economic growth.

In my opinion, the Astana Economic Forum correlates with the International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs activity as so many questions to be raised during the session have strong connection with substantial activity of ICIE.

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in turn has taken the lead in Business 20 and is supposed to take up organization of all the events of B20 since December 2012 in accordance with the resolution of B20 Coalition and further direction made by President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. It was RSPP that in 1992 made a proposal for foundation of our Congress.