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Meeting of an expert group from the International Congress of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists Project Office, made up of representatives, made up of representatives from the Eurasian Economic Commission

Moscow, May 23, 2019

In its most recent meeting, in the headquarters of the International Congress of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists (the ICIE, the Congress), the Expert Working Group of the Project Office discussed measures to attract investment from international financial institutions to projects initiated by Eurasian Economic Union member states.

The meeting was attended by members of the Working Group, which includes representatives of the ICIE, the Eurasian Economic Commission and a number of invited experts. 8 projects with a high potential for integration were discussed. The Commission selected five of these, in order to raise funds for them.

Igor Ferkho, the head of the ICIE’s Department for the Implementation of Business Initiatives, gave a presentation on the Creation of a Network of Centers for Proton Ray Therapy in the Russian Federation, by means of Concession Agreements.

One option for financing the development of that network, currently under consideration, is a State-Private Partnership, such as a concession agreement.

In the opinion of high-level medical specialists in the field, there has been very impressive progress in the use of proton rays to cure many types of cancer, including cancers of the brain and other internal organs. What is more, the patient can return to normal life almost immediately after the end of the treatment, with no need for a long and exhausting rehabilitation process.
Using this method, it is possible to target and destroy the tumor with a high degree of precision, however deep its location in the body. Damage to the surrounding tissues is minimal. “This is particularly important when treating children,” said Alexander Gotovsky, Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission. “It is a socially important project for the Eurasian Economic Union.” The Commission’s goals are to participate actively in the work of helping businesses and financial organisations implement this and other cooperative projects.

In addition, the members of the Expert Group approved a project to create centres where agricultural products can be irradiated before shipment to countries outside the Eurasian Economic Union (presented by Olga Esaulova, a member of the Working Group, the Head of the Project Office, and also the Head of the ICIE’s Committee on Agro-Industrial Complex), a project to create a united road operation and monitoring system (presented by Mikhail Avanesov, the ICIE’s Project Director for Road Planning and Construction), a project to create a network of charging stations for electrical vehicles (presented by Olga Esaulova) and a project to establish Arctika CG, an international cultural and technological centre (presented by Yulia Zvorinskaya, Director of Vnesheconombank’s Research and Expertise Institute).

Among the results of the meeting were a resolution to try and involve interested experts in promoting the selected projects. The meeting also called for the ICIE and the Eurasian Economic Commission to send a joint letter to the Eurasian Development Bank, seeking financing for the projects.

Vyacheslav Pshenichnikov, First Managing Vice President of the ICIE, took part in the meeting and addressed the participants.