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Central Russian Economic Forum

Kursk, June 26-27, 2019

On June 26 – 27 this year, Kursk hosted the 8th Central Russian Economic Forum in which the ICIE Council Vice-Chairman V.A. Kazyulin took part following the invitation of the regional management.

The forum dedicated mainly to the Digital Region subject was held under the motto To Provide High Quality of Human Life thanks to Digital Technologies. It included plenary and section meetings, open dialogue of the participants with the acting governor of the Kursk region R.V. Starovoyt and a topical exhibition.

A lot of discussion and formulating went to the proposals for a large-scale digitalization of the economy of the Russian Central region, implementing digital technologies in various spheres of production, business, management and HR training. The results and the recommendations of the Forum will be used also in the practical activities of the International Congress, its work with the regions and enterprises of the countries working with the ICIE.