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ICIE President: “Kaliningrad is regarded as a foreign country and from our viewpoint is the face of Russia”

“Business-Kaliningrad”, October 5, 2012

Nikolay Tsukanov, Governor of Kaliningrad found ICIE events held in the region to be the effective measure for promoting the investment possibilities of the Amber region. During the opening session of the ICIE Council on October 5, 2012 Mr. Tsukanov thanked the Management of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs for its attention to the region.

“Half a year ago we agreed with RSPP President Alexander Shokhin on holding 20th  anniversary session in the Kaliningrad Region. This is an honorary right and an exclusive possibility to present the region to the heads of national unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs from 19 states of the world” said Mr. Tsukanov.

According to him, “Kaliningrad Region Development Corporation” founded the previous day told the ICIE participants about the business environment in the region and presented priority growth areas of local economy. “We aim at development of effective economic relations and eager to support interesting proposals mutually profitable both for business and the Kaliningrad Region. I hope that in result of the meeting we’ll get new business contacts and new investors in the region” underscored Nicolay Tsukanov.

As the governor pointed out holding the events of one of the largest and most affluent non-governmental business unions in the Kaliningrad Region is a considerable image and reputational factor for the region. “Such meetings foster the Kaliningrad Region as a platform for carrying different summits and conventions. Schedule list of such events in Moscow and St. Petersburg  is quite busy, thus we suggest Kaliningrad for carrying events at a high-level” – reported Mr. Tsukanov.

ICIE President Victor Glukhikh explained concern of the ICIE participants in the Kaliningrad Region. “Kaliningrad is regarded as a foreign country and from our viewpoint is the face of Russia. We have chosen Kaliningrad for ICIE meeting as we believe it may help the city to change and bring both investments and new technologies there. We want ICIE participants to be aware of the Kaliningrad Region and take more active part in regional business projects” – said ICIE President as the regional government reported to the “Business – Kaliningrad”.

The Kaliningrad Region became the first to be chosen for holding the meeting of ICIE participants. Before that the Congress that incorporates 27 states held its events at the national level in different member states.

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