History and reputation

In February, 2017, it was 25 years since the moment of foundation of International Congress of industrialists and entrepreneurs (ICIE). From historical point of view, quite a short period has passed, but, for a public organization, created and working in conditions of difficult political and economic processes in the country members, which was able to keep going and even widen, to win a stable weight in business circles – it is really an impressive and serious anniversary.

ICIE – history and events

February 1992, Moscow, Russia. Arkadiy Ivanovich Volskiy came up with an idea of creating a Congress as an international public organization, which could unite the structures of business circles of the post-Soviet countries aiming to preserve the economic ties, future development and expansion of business cooperation, defense of legal rights and interests of the ICIE members.

February 22, Moscow, Russia.The first constituent ICIE Assembly took place. Chiefs of unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Estonia signed a draft agreement about creation of ICIE. The Congress Council was chosen. During the first session A. Volskiy was chosen as a coordinating Chairman of ICIE.

June 9, Minsk, Belorussia.The first session of the ICIE Council.

October 6, Kiev, Ukraine.The ICIE Council session.


On March 1, 1993, the ICIE comprised the national unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs of 20 countries.

January 26,  Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan. The ICIE Council session. The unscheduled Assembly. The President of Kazakhstan Republic, N. Nazarbaev, delivered a speech in front of the Assembly members. The following documents were affirmed: the Statute of ICIE, the charter of the committee of ICIE, the structure of a Small Council of ICIE.

May 24-25, Chopak, Hungary. The ICIE Council session. The President of Hungary, A. Henz,  addressed to the members.

September 23-28, Beijing, China. The ICIE delegation visit. The agreement of cooperation with the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries was signed.

December 3, Moscow, Russia. There was the first working meeting of the Executive board Chiefs of the national unities of ICIE. The representatives of 16 countries took part in it. The theme was: «ICIE activity mechanisms and ways of its development».

May 24-27, 1994, Chisinau, Moldova.Under the auspices of ICIE “Expoforum-94” was held – an international display of the countries of the Black sea region. The idea of the display was to unite the economic, financial attempts of industrialists and entrepreneurs of the Black sea region, creating a single zone of mutually beneficial cooperation. During the period of the display 26 Contracts were entered into, 28 protocols about further cooperation were signed. The President of Moldova, M.I. Snegur and Coordinating Chairman of ICIE A.I. Volskiy took part in this event.

June 14-18, Moscow, Russia.The international display I+E (industrialists and entrepreneurs), together with the company “Brnens fairs and displays” (the Czech republic) and АО« RF Exhibition center» took place in the Russian exhibition center aiming at revival of traditional trade contracts, production cooperation ties of the industrialists from Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries of Europe.

June 21 июня, Moscow, Russia.The 2d working session of the chiefs of the executive structures of the national union of the industrialists and entrepreneurs. «About the business projects and initiatives in the work of the ICIE».

September 20, Bucharest, Rumania.  The ICIE Council session. The Rumanian President, I. Iliesku, took part in the working process of the Council and greeted everybody.

More than 10 integration frameworks were formed by the Congress. Among them – The contract agency, the expert advisory center, the world center of finance and trade with the East, the press-center; the international centers of juristic and commercial information were built, the inter-state clearing bank, the ICIE foundation for assistance to the entrepreneurship and the international inter-industry concern «Moscow-Sophia».

November 15.The «Congress-Service» union is formed. Its primary objective is to render a wide range of service for the members of the International Congress, for the other organizations and bodies, to create the necessary conditions for cooperation and mutually profitable business contacts.


ICIE unites 28 unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs from 22 countries.

May 25, Chisinau, Moldova.The ICIE Assembly. M. Snegur, the President of the Moldova Republic greeted the members. The managerial positions were established: the ICIE council chief, the ICIE deputy council chief and the ICIE secretary general. These were A.I. Volskiy, A.N. Girenko and Y.A. Vinogradov. The appeal from the ICIE Assembly to the Councils of the Heads of States and Governments of the Former Soviet Republics was signed: «Efficient mechanisms to the Economic integration!» (Chisinau Declaration). The project “The development concept for the ICIE”.

October 30-31, Bishkek, the Kyrgyz republic.  The ICIE Council session and the dual meeting of the RUIE and Kyrgyz ICIE. The delegations from the national unions of 19 European and Asian countries took part in the session. The President of the Kyrgyz Republic, A.Akaev, greeted the participants. The development concept of the ICIE was established.

October 24-28, 1996, Beijing, the PRC.The ICIE delegation visited a free economic zone of China, Shenzhen. The meetings with the State Committee of economy and trade of the PRC, the Chinese IC were organized.

November 19, Poland. The ICIE session. The President of Poland, Alexander Kvasnevskiy, received the Chiefs of the Congress and National unions of industrials and entrepreneurs. The delegations of the national unions from 19 European and Asian countries participated in the session. The ICIE journal “Law and economy in Europe and Asia” was decided to be established.

February 21, 1997.The Congress celebrated a 5-year anniversary of its work. A special press-conference for journalists from different countries.

June  20, St.-Petersburg.The reporting-elective Assembly of the ICIE. The chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal assembly of the RF, the Chairman of the interparliamentary Assembly of the FSR state-members E.S. Stroev, the governor of St.-Petersburg V.A. Yakovlev greeted the participants. A.I. Volskiy was again an honorary chairman of the Congress Council, V.K. Glukhih was chosen as the ICIE chairman.

August 19-24.The CIE participated in organization of the International airspace saloon (IASS).

March 4-5, 1998, Kiev, Ukraine.The meeting of the executive directors (CEOs) of the industrialist and entrepreneur unions from the countries, represented in the Congress.

April 23, Bratislava, Slovakia.The ICIE union session. The deputy President of the Slovakia Republic, the Prime Minister of the government of Slovakia, Vladimir Mechiar received the ICIE chiefs and leaders of national unions.

October 20-23, Vienna, Austria.  The ICIE delegation visited the UNIDO headquarters. The result of the visit of the delegation at the head of V.K. Glukhih was the signing of the cooperation agreement between the UNIDO and the ICIE.

December 3-4, Kiev, Ukraine.The round-table meeting of the major manufacturers and consumers of the metal products from Belorussia, Russia, Ukraine, with the participation of the ICIE.


May, 20, Vienna, Austria.The international economic conference “The problems of industrial development and economic cooperation in the context of global changes in business and financial systems”. The representatives from 20 countries participated in the conference held under the auspices of the ICIE and the UNIDO. The CEO of the UNIDO, K. Magarinyos, greeted the members.

May 20, Vienna, Austria.  The ICIE assembly and the ICIE Council session. The Assembly amended and wrote some additions in the ICIE statute. The participants of the Congress Council session concluded that the ICIE should participate in the establishment of a new civil organization – the International Union of Manufacturers.


June, 5-6, Vilnius, the Lithuanian Republic.The international economic conference “Problems of transit and development of transcontinental business ties in the process of globalization of economic relations”.  The President of the Lithuania Republic, V. Adamkus, greeted the members of the conference.

June 5, Vilnius, the Lithuanian Republic.The ICIE assembly. The complex of preliminaries was planned, providing the entry of the ICIE into the register of the international organizations of unions and associations of the UNO. According to a renewed statute, a new decision-making body of the Congress – Presidium of the ICIE Council.

October 5, Moscow, Russia. The 1st session of the Presidium of the ICIE Council. The Presidium co-opted the 1st group of individual members of the ICIE into the Congress. It was decided to open the representative office of the IC in a series of countries.

November 14-22, Vietnam.The visit of the ICIE delegation. The participants, at the head of the Congress Council Chairman V.K. Glukhih and the Secretary General of the Council Y.A. Vinogradov, visited the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held numerous meetings with the representatives of business circles of SRV (Socialist republic of Vietnam).


January,25, Kiev, Ukraine.Session of Presidium of the ICIE Council. The President of the Ukraine, M.D. Kuchma assumed the leadership of the Congress.

March 12-16, Moscow, Russia.The ICIE delegation participated in the work of the international forum and display “High technologies in 21st century”.

April 10, Minsk, Belorussia. The ICIE members participated in the session of the international club of directors and international seminar “Problems of investment and ways of providing the competitive ability of the products from the manufacturers from Belorussia, Russia and FSR».

April,19, St.-Petersburg, Russia. The plenary meeting of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the FSR member states, the cooperation agreement between the FSR IPA and the ICIE was signed.

April 18-25, Shakyo, Japan.  The official ICIE delegation visit to Japan aiming at cooperation establishment with the Japan Association for trade with Russia and Eastern Europe (ROTOBO).

May 30-31, Astana, Kazakhstan. The international investment conference “Astana-invest 2001”, with the participation of the ICIE.

June 14-15, St.-Petersburg, Russia.The ICIE delegation participation in St.-Petersburg economic forum and a round table “Interregional and cross-border cooperation – experience and perspectives”.

October 12, Moscow, Russia.  The ICIE Assembly. The ICIE statute was amended. The ICIE president was V.K. Glukhih. A.I. Volskiy was chosen as an honorable president of the ICIE. The President of the RF V.V. Putin sent the greeting to the participants of the Assembly.

October 24, Moscow, Russia. The establishment of a “non-State educational institution “CIS University”, with the participation of the ICIE.

December 7, Vienna, Austria. The participation of the executives and the ICIE delegation in the working process of the General UNIDO conference session.

December 11-15, Moscow, Russia.The research and practice conference and display “Industry and transport – cooperation and partnership”. Over 200 organizations from 16 countries took part in the display.

December 11, Moscow, Russia. Presidium session of the ICIE Council.

December, Moscow, Russia. The cooperation agreement between the ICIE and the MICEX was signed.


January,16-17, Poznan, Poland.The  participation of the ICIE representatives in the economic forum “Russia – Poland” within the framework of the visit of the RF President, Mr. Putin.

February 15, Kiev, Ukraine. The extended Presidium session of the ICIE Council, dedicated to the decade from the moment of the ICIE establishment.

April 19-20, Moscow, Russia. The participation of the executives and the ICIE delegation in the working process of the Russian national congress for the best managers, international conference and Petrovskaya Assembly.

May 15, Moscow, Russia. Presidium session of the ICIE Council.

July 12, Moscow, Russia.The participation of the ICIE representatives in the 1st Russian national conference “Informational integration and system support of the life cycles of the products”, “IPI/GALS technologies-2002”.

September 19-22, Erevan, Armenia. The ICIE Council session. The President of Armenia, R. Kocharyan, accepted the executives of the Congress. The Prime Minister of the country took part in the working process of the Council.

October 9-11, Kiev, Ukraine. The international specific display “Transport logistics 2002” with the participation of the ICIE members and their partners.


January 28, Moscow, Russia.Presidium session of the ICIE Council

February, 6-7, Prague, the Czech Republic. The meeting of business circles concerning the problems of economic cooperation of the FSR countries, Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

April 14, Vienna, Austria. The organization of the seminar-consultation “Industrial development of Russia-XXI”, together with the committees of the Federation Council of the RF, on the basis of UNIDO.

September 16-18, Zaporozhe, Ukraine. The presidium and the extended session of the ICIE Council. The decisions about the Congress infrastructure, the range of committees and panels of the ICIE establishment were made. The address from the heads of states of the CIS to the Yalta summit participants. The honorary diploma and memorial sign of the ICIE “For contribution into the international economic cooperation”.

December 3-4, Tallinn, Estonia. The participation of the ICIE executives in the working process of the international conference “Logistics and transport in the international trade in conditions of new EU borders”.

December 8-11, Teheran, Iran. The participation of the ICIE representatives in the holding of seminars in Central Asia and Caucasus under the auspices of the Institute of political and international researches.


March 25.The cooperation agreement between the ICIE and OAO “Russian railways” was signed

February 25-28, Belgrad, Serbia. The meeting of business circles concerning the problems of economic cooperation of the industrialists and entrepreneurs of Serbia and Montenegro with the national units of the industrialists and entrepreneurs, the ICIE members from the CIS, Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

May 17-20, Bucharest, Romania. The international economic forum “New Europe in the dialogue West-East: integration and development”. The President of Romania, I. Iliesku,  participated in the work of the forum.

May 21, Bucharest, Romania. The Congress Council session.

May, 22, Bucharest, Romania.The “Interstate migration center” was established, with the participation of the ICIE.

June 16, St.-Petersburg, Russia. The participation of the ICIE delegation in the working process of the Congress of the entrepreneurs from the CIS countries.

September 15, Astana, Kazakhstan. The participation of the ICIE executives in the session of the heads of government of the CIS member states.

September 22, Moscow, Russia. The business circles meeting of Russia and Italy with the participation of the ICIE. The heads of delegations – D. Markora and V.K. Glukhih.

September 30, Moscow, Russia.The signing of the cooperation agreement between the ICIE and Latvia investment and development agency.

October 05-09, Lvov, Ukraine. The participation of the ICIE delegation in the working process of the international economic forum concerning the questions of the cross border trade and transregional cooperation.

October 12, St.-Petersburg, Russia. The participation of the ICIE delegation in the working process of the VII International multi-industry transport display “Transport and international transit”.

October 24,  Dubna, Moscow region, Russia. The participation of the ICIE representatives in the working process of the international conference concerning the perspectives of development of science cities.

November 15, Moscow, Russia. The ICIE Council sitting on the basis of Komsomolsk-on-Amur representative office of the major air formation named after Y.A. Gagarin.

December 6-7, London, Great Britain. The participation of the ICIE executives in the work of the International economic forum “Investment to the eastern Europe and Asia”. The cooperation agreement with the Assembly of business circles concerning the realization of the International image program “The leaders of the 21st century”  was signed.


February 4, Moscow, Russia.The conference of the ICIE executives with the committee and board chairmen of the Congress.

February 9-12, St.-Petersburg, Russia.The participation of the ICIE representatives in the work of the display “RusAviaExpo-2005”.

February 9-12, Dehli, India. The business trip of the ICIE delegation  for participation in the work of the international fair of machine engineering and technologies and participation of the business meeting with the executives of the Indian industry confederation.

February 25, Riga, Latvia.The ICIE delegation participates in proceedings of the International Conference “TransBaltika 2005”.

April 5-6, Moscow, Russia.International research-to-practice Conference “Europe-Asia-Russia – ways of integration”.

May 16-20, Komsomolsk on Amur, Khabarovsk, Russia.The Presidium Council Meeting of the ICIE and The Directorship and core group of the Congress visit enterprises of Khabarovsk region. The Meeting with V.I. Ishaev, the Governor of the Region.

June 10-11, Moscow, Russia.Organizing and holding of the International Conference “Innovations, technologies and investments: the role of public and private organizations” joint with the UNIDO.

June 22, Moscow, Russia.  The Vice-President of the ICIE V. K. Pshenichnikov and V.P. Kolmogorov took negotiations with the delegation of Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries chaired by Executive Vice-President Liang Shi.

October, 13-14, Rhodes Island, Greece. The ICIE delegation participated in collaborating of the International Social Forum “The Dialog of Civilizations”.

October 27, Budapest, Hungary.The ICIE Presidium Council Meeting was held. It was provided the concurrence with organizing of the permanently operating ICIE forum “West-East: integration and development”.

May 2-4, 2006.Prague, The Czeck Republic. The International Economic Congress “West-East: integration and development”. The agreement between the ICIE and the Association “Czech-Top 100” was signed.

May 4, Prague, the Czech Republic.The ICIE Council Meeting.

May 7-12, Beijing, Shanghai, the Chinese Peoples’ Republic. The business visit of the ICIE delegation, on Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries invitation. The cooperation agreement between the ICIE and the CPAFFC was signed.

July, 7, Moscow, Russia.The session of the International organizing committee of the ongoing Forum “The Dialogue West-East: integration and development”.

November 27 – 29, Vienne, Austria.The participation of ICIE delegation in the events related to the 40th anniversary of UNIDO.

December 6, Druskininkai, the Republic of Lithuania.The International Conference “CIS states. The prospects for economic cooperation. The interests of business”.


January 26-27, New-Delhi, India. The participation of ICIE delegation in the joint conference organized by the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” and JawaharlalNehru University “Control of the national development in terms of the global integration: civil approach”.

March 20, Vienne, Austria.Anniversary session of the Congress Council. The issue concerning the 15th anniversary of ICIE was under discussion as well as the main directions of ICIE activity under current conditions.

March 21-22, Vienne, Austria.The international conference “Cooperation in the sphere of conveyance, finance and commercialization of innovative technologies” organized along with the UNIDO.

March 23, Vienne, Austria.Business meetings “Cooperation in the sphere of joint implementation of commercial projects and programs’ in collaboration with the Chamber of Industry of Austria. Austrian-Russian Friendship Society and the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

June 27-29, Daugavpils, the Republic of Latvia. The International economic conference “The Republic of Latvia – the bridge among states of EU and CIS. The prospects for business in Latvia” was organized in cooperation with the Daugavpils City Council, the Daugavpils Board of CEOs and entrepreneurs and Latvian business structures.

September 1-3, Saint Petersburg, Russia.Participation of the ICIE delegation in the International conference “Scientific and professional support of transport system development. Security services”.

September 4-5, Brisbane, Australia.Participation of the ICIE delegation in the Russian-Australian business forum “Investment growth of economy and mutually beneficial cooperation”.

October 1-2, Brno, the Czech Republic.The International environmental conference “West – East: integration and development. Investment and trade prospects for the mutual economic cooperation” in terms of the ICIE program “West – East: integration and development”. The ICIE delegation paid a visit to the 49th international machine-building exhibition and had a range of meetings with the representatives of Czech industry and banking business.

October 15-22, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.Business trip of the ICIE delegation along with the delegation of China Association for international friendly contact (CAIFC) in order to establish cooperation among the business circles of China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

November 13-14, Rome, the Italian Republic.Participation of the ICIE delegation in the International power-engineering forum.

November 18-21, Johannesburg, RSA. Participation of the ICIE delegation in the Russian National exhibition.

December 3-7, Vienne, Austria.Participation of the ICIE delegation in the XII General Conference of UNIDO. Addition concerning the cooperation between the ICIE and UNIDO to the agreement of 22.10.1998 was signed.


February 7. The Memorandum on mutual understanding between ICIE and the International Road Federation was signed.

February 15, Moscow, Russia. Participation of the ICIE in the 20th committee session “Information and communication” of the European Business Congress.

March 27, Moscow, Russia. Session of the Presidium Committee of ICIE. Issues on elaboration of the new concept of development of ICIE were discussed as well as alterations and additions to the ICIE Charter.

April 20-22, Geneva, Switzerland.Negotiations of the ICIE delegation with the governing bodies of international organizations including UNCTAD and ECE.

June 17-19, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Participation of the ICIE delegation in the Economic Forum “Innovative way of development as a pivot of Eurasian integration”.

June 9-10, Modena, Italy.The International Forum “West – East: integration and development”.

September 17, Yalta, Ukraine.ICIE Council meeting. The main topic of the discussion was the cooperation of the ICIE and as part of it the national unions of industrialists and entrepreneurs with the international organizations. Also the interaction with the business community of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation was covered. Changes and additions to the Charter of the ICIE were made.

November 13, Moscow, Russia.Negotiations with the President of Greek Business Association Mr. Megas. Agreement on cooperation between the ICIE and the Association EEIG ELLAS.

November 17, Tallinn, Estonia.Visit of the ICIE executive group to the Republic of Estonia and the Conference of Estonian Business Association “Is it likely to be in a different way? The improvement possibilities of trade and economic relations between Estonia and Russia”. President of the Republic of Estonia Mr. Ilves took part in the conference.

December 9-10, Bishkek, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.Participation in the International conference “Economic cooperation among states of Central Asia and the Russian Federation”.

December 13-14, Vienne, Austria; Athens, Greece. Negotiations with the management of the European economic chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry concerning the coordination of cooperation projects.


February 17-19, Bangkok, Thailand.Participation of the ICIE delegation in the assembly referred to the issue of public and private partnership implementation in the development of national infrastructures.

February 19, Moscow, Russia.The ceremony of awarding the prizewinners in the frame of program “Leaders of the XXI Century” along with the “Centre of image researchers”.

February 27, Moscow, Russia. Participation of the ICIE delegation in the ceremonial meeting of the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information due to its 40th anniversary. Signing of the agreement on cooperation between ICIE and the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information.

February 27, Moscow, Russia.The forum of business leaders of CIS states “Alliance as the development strategy”.

March 2-3, Istanbul, Turkey. Participation of the ICIE delegation in the General Assembly of the Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation of Entrepreneurs (UBCCE). The Memorandum of cooperation between ICIE and UBCCE was signed.

April 14, Moscow, Russia.Session of the ICIE Council.

April 16, Moscow, Russia.The International research-to-practice conference “Transport corridors and development of regional economy” held by ICIE in cooperation with the Federation Council.

April 24, Moscow, Russia. The international forum “Anti-crisis development by means of intellectual services market”.

July 7, Moscow, Russia.Participation of ICIE management in the Russian-American Business Summit referred to the visit of President of the US Barack Obama to Russia.

July 15-19, New-Delhi, India.Negotiations of the ICIE delegation with the Confederation of Indian Industry. Signing of the Memorandum on the cooperation between ICIE and Indian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

August 18, Moscow, Russia. Presidium session of ICIE.

October 5, Vilnius, Lithuania.Report and electoral Assembly of ICIE. Issues on Congress activity and the prospects for its development were considered. New ICIE Charter was asserted. Anatoly Kinakh was elected as the Chairman of the ICIE Council whereas Victor Glukhikh was re-elected as the ICIE President.

October 6,  Vilnius, Lithuania. The International conference “ States of EU, CIS and Asia. Experience and prospects for the economic cooperation in terms of global financial and economic crisis. Business interests”.


April 14, Moscow, Russia. The international scientific-to practice conference “The cooperation model of international organizations and business partners for brand-new technology launch on global markets” together with the International Science and Technology Center.

April 21, Kaliningrad, Russia.Opening of the ICIE Representative office for Cooperation of Business Circles in the Baltic Region in Kaliningrad.

June 4, Moscow, Russia.Participation in the solemn meeting referred to the World Environmental Day. Agreement on cooperation between the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage of the Russian Federation and ICIE.

June 7, Moscow, Russia. The Memorandum on cooperation between ICIE and the Executive Committee of the CIS was signed. The working group for cooperation arrangements in sphere of economic collaboration was created. Mr.Kolmogorov, ICIE Vice President was appointed co-chairman whereas Mr. Dron became the Deputy Chairman of the CIS Executive Committee.

June 7, Moscow, Russia. Meeting of Presidium members of the ICIE Council and Vice Presidents of the Congress. Decision was made to create ICIE Directorate project for using up-to-date geoinformation and information telecommunication technologies.

June 22, Moscow, Russia.Business meeting of ICIE headship with ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Iceland in Russia Benedict Asgejrson. Prospective directions and forms of cooperation between ICIE and business community of Iceland were discussed, in part few important issues: influence on volcanic clouds for minimization of eruption consequences and usage of geothermal energy resources.

July 1-2, Astana, Kazakhstan.Participation of the ICIE delegation in III Astana Economic Forum and meetings of business circles of states which attended the Forum.

August 21-23, Beijing, China.Visit of ICIE delegation to China. A number of agreements on cooperation and interaction among ICIE, public province authorities and large-scale state industrial corporations of PRC were got ready in order to favor production development and manufacturing operations.

September 3-6. Official visit of the ICIE delegation to the Republic of Ghana, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire. Negotiations with representatives of business circles of African states.

September 15, Tallinn, Estonia. Presidium session of the ICIE Council.

September 16, Tallinn, Estonia.International conference “Eurasian Economic Space. Cooperation, integration and development – transport and logistics aspects”.

September 28-30, Ekaterinburg, Russia.Participation of ICIE headship in Russian and Ukrainian inter-regional forum. An exhibition of industrial and investment potential of subjects of the Russian Federation was held.
October 15, Odessa, Ukraine.Session of the ICIE Council in Odessa. Anatoly Kinakh, President of USPP,  was reelected as Chairman of Council of the Congress, Chairman of Board of Confederation of Employers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Kadyr Baikenov, and President of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, Bronislavas Lubis, were elected as Deputy Chairmen of Council.

October 26, Moscow, Russia.II International Practical Conference “Current Border Management. International Experience and its potential use in Russia”. ICIE participated in its organization.

November 24-26, Vienna, Austria.38th Session of the Council on  UNIDO industrial development. An advisory status of ICIE in UNIDO was confirmed during the Session.
December 8, Moscow, Russia.Session of working group of CIS and ICIE Executive Committee. Questions on  joint events plan, Memorandum of Cooperation,  assistance in implementation of projects and programs, elaboration of joint model legislative initiatives and its promotion through CIS Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations, as well as establishment of Customs Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, were discussed


February 8, Moscow, Russia.Business meeting of headship of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and ICIE. An Agreement of Cooperation between RF CCI and ICIE was signed.

February 17, Minsk, Republic of Belarus. Open Conference of Union of nonprofit organizations “Belarusian Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs” (BCIE) and Session of International Council  of business circles with participation of Chairman of ICIE Council, A. Kinakh, and ICIE President, V. Glukhikh.

February 18, Moscow, Russia.II Forum of Russian Regions “Innovative Model of Development”, organized with the support of ICIE.

February 19-26, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Visit of ICIE delegation, headed by Vice President of Congress, Y. Vinogradov, with participation of representatives of All-Russian Public Organization “Backbone of Russia”.

March 10, Moscow, Russia.General meeting of CIS Leasing Conference founders with participation of ICIE Vice President  V. Kolmogorov.

March 16, Moscow, Russia.Presentation of the International Exhibition and Forum “The Black Sea- innovations and investment projects parade” in VVC, with participation of ICIE President V. Glukhikh.

March 18, Moscow, Russia.CIS International Economic Forum.

April 27, Moscow, Russia.Business meeting of ICIE Committee for Cooperation in Financial and Credit Policy and the Banking Sector with participation of representatives of banks, investment and insurance companies of several countries.

May 3-9, Federative Republic of Brazil.Visit of ICIE delegation headed by Vice president of the Congress, I. Shpurov.

May 20, Moscow, Russia.Business Forum “Ghana-Russia/CIS: Rethinking of relations through business”.

May 25, Kiev, Ukraine.The 2d Economic Forum of Ukrainian regions and Ural Federal District of the Russian Federation. International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs was one of its co-organizers.

June 9, Pereslavl- Zalessky, Russia.International Conference on investment potential of Yaroslavl Oblast and “Inpark” technoparks cluster as its example. ICIE Vice President V. Pshenichnikov, heads of embassies and trade missions, as well as representatives of business circles of Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Vietnam, India, Italy, China, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Estonia, the Czech Republic, UNIDO Center in Russia, took part in the Conference.

June 14, Kiev, Ukraine.The Session of the Presidium of ICIE Council.

July 12, Moscow, Russia.The Conference “From the Customs Union to the Common Economic Space: business interests”, organized under the aegis of trilateral business-dialogue of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of Republic of Belarus and “Atameken” Union” National Economic Chamber of Kazakhstan.

August 19, Moscow, Russia.  Anniversary Ceremony in honor of laureates of international awards within the framework of image program “Leaders of XXI century”.

September 30, Moscow, Russia.Meeting of ICIE headship with Chairman of Board of Federal Bank of innovations and development.

October 5, Baku, republic of Azerbaijan.Session of the ICIE Council. The Council of the Congress elected A. Shokhin – president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as its Chairman for the next term.

October 6, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.International Conference “Systematic Collaboration of public associations of industrialists, entrepreneurs and state authorities as a necessary condition for successful social and economic development”. President of Azerbaijan, I. Aliev, sent greeting to participants of events of the Congress in Baku.

October 13-14, Budapest, Hungary.ICIE Vice President O. Berezovoy took part in XXIV Conference of Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe (BACEE).

November 1, Moscow, Russia.An Agreement of Cooperation on creation of “Russian industrial economic zone” in People’s Republic of China. On behalf of International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs V. Pshenichnikov signed the Agreement, on behalf of Manchuria province- U Hao Feng, and on behalf of Chemico Limited group of companies- A. Tkachuk.

November 29, Vienna, Austria.ICIE delegation took part in XIV Session of UNIDO General Conference.In Russian Embassy in Vienna V. Glukhikh had a meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, G. Gatilov and Permanent Representative of Russia at international organizations in Vienna, V. Voronkov.

December 5-8, Republic of South Africa. Visit of ICIE delegation to the Republic of South Africa. A meeting of ICIE President and President of South Africa Jacob Zuma took place, during which several questions were discussed, including cooperation within BRICS and development of relations between its member states.

December 13, Moscow, Russia.Session of the Presidium of the ICIE Council.



January 18-21, Moscow, Russia. Gaidar Forum.

January 27, Kaliningrad, Russia. Visit of ICIE President V. Glukhikh to Kaliningrad.

February 6-10. Moscow, Russia. Russian Business Week.

February 15. Constituent Session of Business Council on cooperation with Moldova.

March 6. “Olimp” Awards Ceremony.

March 20, Kiev, Ukraine. Ceremonial Session of USPP, dedicated to its 20th Anniversary. Guests from other countries, ICIE delegation took part in the Session.

March 27, Almaty, Kazakhstan. Jubilee Session of IPA CIS Council.

April 12-13, Moscow, Russia. IV Moscow Congress on intellectual transport systems.

April 12, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Portback election meeting of CII.

April 17, Moscow, Russia.Session of GCTU Council.

April 26-28, Vienna, Austria. The 6th Vienna Financial and Economic Forum of CIS and Eastern Europe countries.

May 17, Moscow, Russia. Session of ICIE Committee for Cooperation in Financial and Credit Policy and the Banking Sector.

May 17-18, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The 5th Neva International Ecology Congress “Ecological Base for Sustainable Development”.

May 18, Rome, Italy. The 63rd Sitting of the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives of ICSTI member states and the International Conference.

May 22, Astana, Kazakhstan. V Astana Economic Forum.

June 5, Moscow, Russia. Celebration of Ecologists’ Day.

June 15, Moscow, Russia. Meeting of ICIE President V. Glukhikh with business leaders and rewarding of the latter.

June 15, Saint Petersburg, Russia. The 2nd Business Forum “Common Economic Space: New Opportunities for Industrial Development”.

July 17, Moscow, Russia. Session of ICIE Committee for labor markets and migration policy took place.

September 12, Moscow, Russia. VII GCTU Congress.

September 25-28, Saint Petersburg, Russia. XVI International Forum “The    Russian Industrialist” and V “St. Petersburg Innovation Forum”.

September 28, Moscow, Russia. Conference “Extension possibilities of mutual    trade within the frame of the Common Economic Space”.

October, Moscow, Russia. Session “About the prospects for the foundation of the    Eurasian Parliamentary Assembly”.

October 5, Kaliningrad, Russia. 37th session of the ICIE Council. According to    the ICIE Charter Kadyr Baikenov was elected as the Chairman of the ICIE Council     whereas Anatoliy Tkachuk became the First Deputy Chairman of the Council.

October 10, Moscow, Russia. Session of RSPP Board.

October 12. Extended session “Partnership for modernization”.

October 18-19, Budapest, Hungary. International Interbank conference.

October 22-24, Moscow, Russia. International Forum “Anticontrafact – 2012”.

October 24, Ljubljana, Slovenia. International conference.

October 25, Moscow, Russia. RSPP held a meeting with the Deputy Economic    Development Minister.

November 14-17, Baku, Azerbaijan. V anniversary Baku International Banking    conference.

November 14-16, Kishinev, Moldova. Russian-Moldavian economic forum.

November 15-16, Minsk, Belarus. VII Belarusian Investment forum.

November 21. Joint session of the Russian-Japan and Japan-Russian committees.

November 23. 38th plenary session of CIS Interstate Parliamentary Assembly.